Saturday, 25 April 2015

How to Work an iMac

TMG’S Goals

1.       Send mails

2.       Receive mails

3.       Browse/ Search in Finder

4.       Use the internet

5.       Composing on Word Processor

6.       Saving a Word Document

7.       Sending text from a Word Document



How to Identify a Window

A window is a rectangle with a set of 3 discs in the top left corner.

Multiple Windows in the Screen

To count the number of windows on the screen, see how many sets of “3 discs” there are. They may not always be coloured. If more than one window is open, only one will have coloured discs. The discs in the other windows will be grey. The window with the coloured discs is the only one “active”.

How to Make a Window Active

To make a window (with grey discs) active, click anywhere on the window I want to make active. Exception: One place where I shouldn’t click to make window active is on the Red Disc, because doing so will close the window I’ve clicked.



What does the typical mail window look like?

Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
List of folders/ mailboxes
Full email conversation
E.g. Inbox, Drafts etc.
Snapshot of email



1.       How to select anything?
By mousing over it and clicking it once.

2.       How do I know which folder is selected?
Because it is a darker shade of grey.

3.       How I know which email preview is selected?
Because it is blue, while the others are white.

Main Folders in Column 1

1.       Inbox: My Inbox is the receptacle for all mail sent to me.

2.       Drafts: My Drafts folder contains mails that I have started composing but which I have not sent.

3.       Sent: My Sent folder contains mails that I have sent.

Email in Drafts folder will have   SEND button somewhere, whereas emails in Sent folder won’t have a Send button.

Difference between Folder, Preview and Email

Folder = Container
Preview = Glimpse of content
Email = Final content

How to View a Full Mail

I identify the item from its first two lines, which appear in Column 2 (preview). Then click on it (now blue) so it will appear in full in Column 3. To open the mail in a separate window, double-click on it in Column 2.

How to Send an Email

1.       Either

a.       Click on “New Message”, and new window opens, or

b.      Click on “Reply”, “Reply All” or “Forward”.

2.       In the “To” and/ or “CC” field, start typing recipient’s name.

3.       A list of mail IDs appears.

4.       Click on the ID I want to use, and it sits on the “To”/ “CC” field.

5.       If I want to include a second addressee, I type the second name in “To”/ “CC” field (without using mouse or keyboard, because CURSOR is already in position).

6.       Repeat steps 3 and 4.

7.       Enter Subject.

8.       Type body of email.

9.       To attach an attachment, click on   ATTACH button.

10.   New window opens containing list of documents from Finder.

11.   Identify the file that I want to attach from this list. It could be a picture, spreadsheet, word document etc.

12.   Click on chosen file to select it.

13.   Of the options “Cancel” and “Choose File”, click on “Choose File”.

14.   Window from point 10 disappears and screen returns to the mail being composed.

15.   Send mail.

Difference Between Reply and Reply All


If TMG clicks on “Reply”, reply will be sent only to original Sender, in this case Paul.

IF TMG clicks on “Reply All”, reply will be sent to all who are part of the mail (including those on “To” or “CC”), this case Paul, Kriti and Adriana.

How to Check That the Mail Got Sent

1.       Click on Sent folder in Column 1.

2.       Look for mail in preview (Column 2) at top of the column (last mail I sent), then click on it.

3.       It will appear in Column 3.

How to Check For Mail I Have Received

1.       Click on Inbox in Column 1.

2.       Look for the mail among previews in Column 2. Old mails are at the bottom and new ones at the top.

3.       Click on the preview I want to read in Column 2 and it will appear in Column 3.



There are 2 things called Desktop:

1.       One of the default folders in Finder

2.       Home screen

How to See the Desktop Screen

1.       By switching on the computer. The first screen I see is the desktop screen.

2.       By closing all windows (clicking on red disc(s))

3.       By minimising all windows (clicking on yellow disc(s))

Relation between Desktop Screen and Desktop Folder

Files saved on Desktop screen are indexed in Desktop folder



All files in the computer are stored in its memory.

The Finder is a set of indexes of files located in the computer’s memory.

Individual indexes are default folders (in Column 1) in Finder, e.g., Desktop, Applications etc. (These will be present in other people’s computers as well.) These folders help narrow down the location of files.

The location of a file in the default folders is determined by certain characteristics of the file, namely Origin, Type, Current Location or Function.

Characteristics of Files

1.       Origin:

a.       Downloaded from internet, or

b.      Made in my own computer

2.       Type: E.g. Picture, application, spreadsheet etc.

3.       Function:

a.       To record information, or

b.      To make things work

4.       Current location: E.g. Desktop Screen

What characteristic files do the default folders contain?

1.       Desktop: The Desktop Folder indexes files whose CURRENT LOCATION is the Desktop Screen.

2.       Applications: This indexes files whose FUNCTION it is to make things work.

3.       Documents: The Documents folder contains those files whose ORIGIN is my own computer.

4.       Downloads: This folder contains files whose ORIGIN is the internet.

5.       Pictures: This contains image TYPE files.

Table of File Characteristics Used By Default Folders to House Files

Folder Names
File Characteristics
Current Location
Origin (Own Computer)
Origin (Internet)


Saturday, 14 April 2012

What Happened Between Scylla and Charybdis

People had warned me against Sicily. They had told me about the Mafia and con men. But my experiences are, at best, tame and universally occurring.

I landed in the port closest to Sicily in mainland Italy at 6:35 AM. Spending the night on the train with three other wonderful women (who spoke no English) had put me in a mood that wanted to take everything that came my way with a smile on my face. One of these wonderful women seemed to be going my way to the ferry. By dint of sheer willpower, she explained to me the next ferry would be at 7:15 AM. Along comes a mop-wielding man to clean the ticket office. While he sold me the ticket easily enough, he was insistent I didn't loiter in the vicinity for more than ten minutes before ferry departure.

So I lounged about a dilapidated escalator when a scatter-haired man offered, "Are you Indian?"
"I'm just coming from India."
Curiosity piqued, "Oh, where in India?"
"Delhi, Rajasthan, Orchha, Agra..." he goes on. He's the third European I've met who has told me they have been to Orchha. Some time, I really need to go and see for myself what's so attractive to tourists there.

Scatter-Hair showed me the luggage tag to prove he was indeed flying from Delhi. I squinted, but still couldn't read. Nevertheless, I swore requisite loyalty in vague and non-verbal terms. Encouraged, he informed me that the Strait of Messina is the only place in the world where the train is carried on board the ferry. If there was a big enough ferry ready to set sail when the train arrived, he said we could be lucky to see the operation in motus. But not if us lowly foot passengers were boring enough to take the first ferry out, regardless of size and train-carrying capacity. Turned out, we were lucky and were spared the ignominy of appearing insipid. The ferry was sufficiently massive and I could view THE sight (described for my purposes in How to Take a Train Across the Strait of Messina - thanks JetSetCD!). Man, I might as well have stayed on the train! But if I had, how would I have encountered the whirlpool Charybdis? Odysseus-like, I witnessed the ferry monster (though lacking the six heads of Scylla) gulping down our train. In fact, the meek little thing seemed to willingly submit itself to its fate as it slithered down the wide-open bow. I realised much later that I was on top of the prey. Which was cool, as I'd never before climbed atop a train.

On the deck, there was some ogling going on - at me. After several unheeded attempts, the man walked across and said something. I was still in the mood which wanted-to-take-everything-that-came-my-way-with-a-smile-on-my-face. So I went, "No Italiani."
"Non parlano Italiano?" he persisted. Just in case, probably.
"Si," when I meant No. But what the hell.

He scratched his unmentionables looking thoughtfully at me. "Tu solo?"
More scratching. And then it started drizzling.

He motioned me inside the lounge area. Well, there was nowhere else to go. He sat opposite me. My photo session was getting to be bad business, as Mr Weather and Ms Luck had parted ways. Anyway, there's only so much that interests you from inside a ferry's lounge. He pointed at his wrist and asked something. I assumed he meant the time and began taking my mobile phone out to check. He walked up to me and tapped on the ganglion cyst in my wrist. Super sweet thing to do, if you ask me. I shrugged. He returned the shrug with a smile.

Scratch, scratch.

"Psst," I heard after a while. When I turned, he was pointing to his ring finger with another question. For what joy I told him the truth, I don't know. But I did. Abruptly, he asked in English, "You are my friend?" I conveniently assumed him to mean that he was my friend and replied, "Grazie!"

Scatter-Hair ambled in and there commenced a glowering contest between him and Unmentionables-Scratcher, shortly after which the latter disappeared.

And I set foot in Sicily.

Friday, 17 February 2012


A cat this is not,
For you that I’ve bought.
A gift in red -
You can tell it’s dead.
If nine lives had it,
Nothing can save you from being BIT!

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Honestly, there is no reason for me to post this here. A few of us in the team had got promoted and were throwing a party, which had to be postponed. After years and years, this found me delving into my hidden repository of rhyme and...

Ahoy CoE!

It's time once again to dance under the disco light
and sing and gorge through the night!

It's the CoE Promotion Party!!!

<Details on venue, menu etc.>

Voting Button Rules:

While clicking "I'm In" would gladden the heart,
A chance for a negative option has to depart!!

- The Party Hosts

Hi Again CoE!
The sensation of addressing a large group is great
Despite having resulted from a quirk of Fate

That our enthusiasm has not reduced is known
And the party excitement nowhere near gone

But something has sprung up in its stead
And several issues this has bred.

Let us update you on the plans anew:
Travel exigencies have come up for a few.

In Tuesday's plan of being jolly and festive
a change in schedule is hence imperative

Not much is known now of the correct day
But you can be sure it's not far away

Please be assured we shall write to you
As soon as probable dates are reviewed.

Thanks for all the patience shown hitherto
In reading this lengthy excuse and surviving through!

Friday, 11 November 2011

If I'm God, save me from myself

Director Bala, in intermittent conversation with Kriti
(because he values her opinion)
Three years back
B: I'm planning to make another film.
K: Sure. Do go ahead.
B: It's about an Aghori who is plucked from his habitat in Kashi.
K: Aghori? Oh, that stuff reminds me of Kipling's The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes.
B: Stop pretending to know all about everything. Do you know how the plot is going to unfold?
K: [Peeved] I'm sure you don't either.
B: [Changing the subject] These are abstract ideas - good and evil, life and death, salvation and rebirth. It is for the cognescenti to comprehend all that and present it in a manner a lay person would understand.
K: Highly convenient that cinema is toted to be something everyone easily understands. Anyway, why would you want to take some Aghori out of his Kashi context? Where would you put him?
B: Is that so tough to figure? Obviously interior Tamil Nadu, where I can use my creative genius to the fullest. From my experience I have come to know that urban Chennaiites believe whatever we film-makers portray in our movies about rural Tamil Nadu as absolutely true.
K: I've noticed. Churn out a new concept amidst gory scenes, and rest assured the coffers will fill - isn't that your style? Plenty of scope for your Aghori to turn cannibalistic!
B: Great idea, though I don't think our Censor Board will approve... Sigh!
K: Ummm... I get the feeling you're willing to devote some more time into developing the story. I errr... have to meet someone. Before you ask, we're just friends.
B: [Levers moving furiously in his brain] Aghori shunning cannibalism... Aghori being a cannibal... Aghori saving someone from a cannibal and getting a Man Friday...
Uh, yeah... Carry on...
Aghori falling in love with a cannibal...
Some two and a half years back
B: Which character did you find most striking in Oliver Twist?
K: The Artful Dodger.
B: I've scripted him into my Aghori movie. Him and Fagin.
K: Kewl! I guess it makes life so much easier when well-etched characters are readily available. So, what's the connection between the thieves and hermit?
B: Give me SOME credit! My story doesn't have petty thieves. It showcases the sad plight of beggars, how they...
K: Let me guess - how they have some kind of a monster for a master, but sure enough there is a kind soul in the group who is unfortunately cornered, who is helpless.
B: Wow?! Something told me this is the right thing an Aghori should battle against. Though how these two are to be linked beats me...
K: Oh, it will come along. If you don't mind, I have some recruitment to do.
One year back
K: Beggar cast ready?
B: Almost. Arya and Pooja strike well together, don't they?
K: [Dreamily] "Biriyani-ya kushka-va?"
B: What? Oh! I'm counting on just that effect 
which Arya has on women.
K: ARYA?!!! The best choice to show off a near-nude bod ! You'd have to use dubbing, though. The poor dear has a sad knack of making Tamizh sound so painful... But then, being an Aghori he won't have a lot of dialogues, would he?
B: In Tamizh no, but in Sanskrit and even a little Hindi. I'm leaving no stone unturned to make my story sound credible.
K: Story...???
B: Go away! Get on with banging on your ERP system. I've got loads of work...
Six months back
K: What's with the "Aham Brahmasmi"? If he's Brahma, the Creator, how come he believes himself to be Kaal Bhairav, the Destroyer?
B: No wonder folks call you Miss Curious. Did you enjoy watching Arya?
K: I enjoyed the way his hair magically combs itself whenever his eyes need to be seen.
B: An actor should always look presentable. Or else he would lose his appeal. But I did bestow immense care on his costume.
K: Yeah, I noticed his sandals changed to Fitness shoes when he had to go jumping from rock to rock.
B: Anyway, I've successfully moved the Tamizh cinema-goers away from the run-of-the-mill romances and the humble hero fighting social evils.
K: By getting God in human form to end human trafficking. Tell me, what is it that Pooja was trying to convey towards the end? Do you think talking endlessly was her method of settling scores with Arya for hearing her sing the first time?
B: In case a Hollywood buff didn't realise, Naan Kadavul is the first of it's kind in Indian cinema.
K: I bet you expect an award is not far away - for Best Story!
B: Naah... Awards are not my style.
K: Whatever. People in Europe are waiting for me...
B: It's God's blessings that I seek. Om Aghoraaya Namaha!
Very recent past
B: It feels wonderful that the audience is comparing my film with Saw and Apocalypto... While my only intention was to prove to Surya and Vikram that they have competition!
K: Are you buying them DVDs of Fear Factor? Reality shows can also bring out the actors in people...
B: Eh?
K: Don't bother. I'll go run the payroll. And entertain myself by watching English movies on TV.

  1. It pains me to reveal that Bala had never taken any directions from me.
  2. There are those who believe the film is good and hard-hitting. I silently snigger.